TRIPLE FLAME LIGHTER: A triple torch that emits three powerful and wind-resistant flames. With a double action ignition, simply flip the lid and push the side button to the flames. Not only can it be ready to use to light your cigar, but it is a great tool for camping or traveling outdoors.
DURABILITY AND FINISH: Made from quality stainless steel that comes in a variety of finishes, such as Matte Black. The high-quality stainless steel gives it a stronger durability to withstand any elements and ensure that it will have a long-term use.
BUILT-IN V CUTTER, BUILT-IN CIGAR REST: This lighter has unique built-in cigar accessories that feature both a cutter and cigar rest. Simply push down the button on the side to release the v cutter blade that can cut a cigar up to a 60 ring gauge. On the top of the lighter is a built-in cigar rest that can be ready to hold any size cigar.
DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT: This lighter’s approximant dimensions are 3.25 inches (L), 1.75 inches (W), and 0.75 inches (H). Its weight is just at 0.25 lbs making this lighter incredibly lightweight and easy to carry. Its tiny, pocket-sized dimensions make it perfect to carry with you on a camping trip or a night out.
FLAME HEIGHT ADJUSTER, FUEL WINDOW: A flame height adjuster can be found at the base of this lighter that can adjust the intensity of the flames. Use caution when adjusting the flames to the amount that you need. A small fuel window is visible on the side of the lighter, making sure that you will always be aware of how much butane is left inside.
REFILLABLE BUTANE: This lighter can be refilled and let you reuse this lighter how many times you want. Be aware that this lighter ships EMPTY of butane and must be filled before use.


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